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2022 Luxury Home Design Trends

Design trends change every year, and while the average home owner might not keep up with these trends, Romanelli & Hughes’ design staff does. Now that we’re into 2022, it’s time to discuss design trends that we’re incorporating into our new homes.

Top Luxury home Design Trends

The officers of the local The National Kitchen + Bath Association chapter gave a presentation showing some highlights from this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. Home design trends in 2022 include:

  • Black and gold for lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • LED-lit mirrors for bathroom sinks
  • Workstation sinks as opposed to standard single- or double-bowl sinks
  • Apron sinks with designs on the front
  • Color schemes include dusty pinks, greens, and pastels
  • White and royal-blue cabinet combinations
  • Glass doors and facings on cabinets
  • Mixed materials in spaces throughout the home
  • Butcher-block countertops
  • Wall-mounted vanities

kitchen and bathroom in luxury home

While it may be costly to implement each of these trends into your home, adding just one or two design trends to your décor will greatly improve your home’s appeal. This is especially important for anyone planning to eventually sell a house. However, if you are planning to buy a house and want to incorporate a lot of unique elements, the best way to get the home you want is with a custom home builder.

Designing the home of your dreams

A custom home builder will help you design the home of your dreams that follows current design trends.

The right custom home builder will have the experience and expertise needed to build a home that is energy-efficient and on-trend. And if you live in Central Ohio, one of the best custom home builders is Romanelli and Hughes.

We’ve been in the custom home building business for over 52 years. We’re recognized as one of Central Ohio’s premier luxury home builders and are known for our craftsmanship and excellence at building new homes. We’ve followed design trends every year, and offer many truly unique options to customize your home.

Some of the home design trends we offers — in addition to the trends mentioned above — are:

  • Stairs located in areas other than the foyer, which let’s you use the stairs closer to the main living areas
  • Pocket-offices, even if the home has a den
  • Chef’s Pantry with appliance counters
  • Various ceiling treatments to distinguish areas in open floor plans
  • Contemporary exterior elevations
  • Covered exterior living spaces, like patios or porches, with fireplaces and bars

beautiful outdoor patio and black kitchen sink

When you build your custom luxury home with R&H, your customizable options are infinite.

The team at R&H will work with you to give you the customized home you’ll love. We design both single-family homes and custom patio homes, and all the homes can include any of the trends mentioned above.

Pocket offices are especially unique feature you won’t find in just any home. And our  custom-designed and  custom-built patios are spectacular in both functionality and visual appeal. Patios can create an entirely new space for your home that can include a fireplace, a bar and even a kitchen.

We only use the highest quality materials and most gifted craftsmen for every home we build.  Your R&H designer can work with you during the entire process to help you decide how your home should look from the exterior to the interior.

At R&H, we are passionate about building homes. Buying a custom luxury home from Romanelli & Hughes is the best decision you can make to get the home of your dreams.

Contact us today to start the conversation.