How do I get started and what’s next?

If you know an area that you would like to live or even a community that appeals to you, please contact the respective New Home Consultant to help establish a potential lot and home design or inventory home option.  Our handpicked, award winning sales team can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about getting your family into a new home.


How long will it take to build my new home?

Every home and circumstance is different in the process, but with over 100 combined years of service beneath our construction belts we can say on average our homes take 6-8 months for completion once a design is permitted.


How am I kept informed during the building process?

We utilize an online system and iphone, smart phone or tablet application through “BuilderTrend” to offer information about the progress of your new home.  If that’s way too technical for you and you’d rather go “old school”, feel free to contact your site superintendent. That’s right; you will have direct access to the professional that’s responsible for your project. Using Romanelli & Hughes will put you in charge of direct communication with Sales, Owners and Project Managers.


How much is my home going to cost?

If you notice, each of our communities offers a little something different and unique to the residents that choose to live there. We offer maintenance-free villas in park settings to large estate size homes featuring our highest end selections. A New Home Consultant will help assess which community and size of home best fits your criteria. A pricing structure can then be determined.


What is included in the price of my home?

The short answer is Quality. You get more quality per square foot with Romanelli & Hughes. We offer a couple different packages that can be customized to meet your taste and budget. You can be assured that even our base selections are above most of our competition’s higher end selections.


Does Romanelli & Hughes offer any finance options?

You can use whomever you wish when it comes to financing your dream home. However, we offer and suggest you first talk to Bill Lavelle with First Federal Lending. He is able to offer a special low rate program for Romanelli & Hughes and thus far hundreds of happy homeowners have taken advantage of these programs to finance their homes.


Can I have Romanelli & Hughes build on my owned lot?

Yes, we can build on your lot as long as we deem it within our buildable reach. Click here for more information on how far out we can reach.


Can use my own plan and ideas?

We are a full custom home builder with a talented team of designers and architects under our roof. We encourage you to come with your ideas, plans or concepts. We also house hundreds of plans to help get the process started. Our goal is to turn your concept and dream into reality.


How long has Romanelli & Hughes been in business?

In 1970 we incorporated as a family owned business in Westerville Ohio and remain the top custom home builder in Central Ohio, according to Business First of Ohio. We have over 100 years of combined experience with a hands on approach and we employ award winning, proven individuals that make Romanelli & Hughes the solid and reputable builder that it is today.


How much attention and input will I receive during the construction process?

Every new home project is assigned one of our outstanding site superintendents that will serve as the project manager, of which you will have a direct line of communication. Our on-line software will also help keep you informed of valuable updates and changes that may occur during the construction process. Many clients keep an open communication line with their New Home Consultant as well. Clients also can feel free to discuss their project with any of our owners at Romanelli & Hughes.

Do I have to sell my current home in order to start a new build?

Not necessarily.  Your lender will look at qualifying you without the sale of your current home so that you can proceed with the new project.  The lender will need to run your debt to income ratios with your current mortgage included to determine whether or not those ratios meet underwriting guidelines.


Do you have any turnkey homes available now?

At any given time we do have a selection of homes at various stages of completion for those who need to move in a timelier manner. These homes may offer the opportunity for custom selections and modifications depending on where they are in the construction process. We will do our best to accommodate your desires with these homes.